Tobias Schwetz

Hi, my name is Tobias, welcome to my personal blog. I’m interest in optimization and strategy – my interest goes back to early childhood, when I made money in the playground by investing my pocket money in whatever were the popular trends of the day – collectable stickers, scented rubbers, chocolate bars – you name it! My customers were my friends to whom I sold things for a twenty percent profit – and everyone was happy. I saved my profits and invested in the latest computer games. More importantly, I learned that making money and investing was fun, something that has definitely influenced my choice of career as an adult.

I believe that hard work, common sense and entrepreneurial flair are the key drivers for financial success. 

After finishing my A-Levels, I decided to start my career in a classic way with a bank apprenticeship. I felt that this would give me the best means of learning how the business world operates, and the apprenticeship undoubtedly provided me with many valuable insights and opportunities to grow as a person. My experiences include corporate and strategic analysis and managing new workflows.

I also endeavour to make time to organize finance events which provide opportunities for people from the financial sector to network, mingle and share ideas. These events are proving to be extremely popular and this is an area I plan to develop in the near future. I am a very communicative person with an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit. 

I intend to use this blog to share current news as well as my opinion on topics relating to the economy and business. 

Please feel free to leave your feedback and opinions – get in touch here.